Our Start

Black Line Consulting, a professional IT consulting and software development company in Naperville, Il, created a team of students with a passion for technology and innovation with the goal of training and teaching high school/college level students the skills needed for a career in the Information Technology sector. Black Line Consulting understood that their services are unrealistic for many smaller businesses and start-ups.

The catch 22 is knowing how to work with technology is essential for success, so small businesses and start-ups start at a disadvantaged position if they cannot afford professional services yet. The solution is Revolusim.

When developing future talent turned to implementation, Revolusim was born. The team started to perform their own tasks and cater to their own clients. Our team here at Revolusim can help your small business with website and app design, business advice, website marketing, and other computer services for an affordable cost.

We are here to revolutionize your business technology. Technology support can help your business attract future customers, organize your records, and improve efficiency. It’s not a time or technology lead that provides sustainable competitive advantage; it’s what a firm does with its time and technology lead. Like any successful “revolution,” there is a change of power. Revolusim transfers the power of technology back to the hands of the small businesses.

Even though our team is young, we have the resources of Black Line employees that will guarantee our work will be professional. Black Line Consulting provides full-service computer services in Network Management and Application Development Solutions for small and mid-sized companies. For more than 25 years, Black Line’s clients have come to rely on their judgment and expertise to provide solid recommendations for efficient management of their technology assets.

The employees at Black Line deeply are not only focused on the success of Revolusim, they are also emotionally devoted to the personal development of the students. Black Line dedicates many hours per week to mentoring and training. Black Line’s employees are the reason for Revolusim’s success. Students in the past have learned about the IT field, made friends, and grown in experience as an intern to later return to work at Black Line as full-time employees.

Revolusim develops future employees, whether they choose to work at Black Line or another company because the skills and experience students learn while working with a structured company like Black Line can be transferred easily to another institution.


Why Revolusim?

Interviewing for jobs after graduating college is a daunting task. And for a lot of people, their resume right after college is littered with part-time jobs in retail, fast food, and other random gigs that have zero relevance to what they are trying to do.

When you want to be a software developer, accountant, marketer, or any other profession, but your whole time in high school and college the only skills you’ve learned is how to fold clothes, take orders, or make sandwiches, it can be tough to land that dream job.

There are plenty of jobs out there that provide a paycheck, but don’t provide training or experience in the professional fields that students work so hard towards in school.

There are also unpaid internships that may provide some great experience, but we all know free doesn’t pay the bills…or pizza.

The options are slim for students with special talents like computer science for a part-time job. More often than not, students will have to settle for a mundane and simple job that does not exploit any of their technical skills.

Black Line saw this problem first hand in the community and they wanted to do something about it.

Revolusim is different from ordinary internship programs. It gives students an opportunity to see behind the scenes of what it takes to manage different parts of a business and actually have an impact.

We run the sales, marketing, project management, and technical pieces. With some help from Black Line of course.