You’re a small business. Competition is tough. Mobile is ruling the world. One quick look through the app store and it seems like everyone has their own app, but what on earth could your business do with an app? Apps are on their way to becoming as expected and necessary as having a website, so you might as well jump on it now before you fall behind.

So here’s a list of some things an app could do to benefit your small business.

  1. Customer Loyalty Programs: You see this all the time with the big guys, so why not implement it for your small business? There are many different approaches, so you will need to find what works best for your business. Some examples are a points system with rewards (Starbucks) or exclusive deals only available to app members (Amazon Prime, Target Cartwheel).


  1. Increase Web Presence: Websites are made to attract new customers. Apps help your current customers remain loyal. Having a constant presence on your customer’s phone or tablet means that your business will always be convenient to access.


  1. Increase Sales: An app is a convenient way to browse, shop, make purchases, or schedule an appointment. Providing convenience for customers will make them want to come back to you. Think about it. If you need to schedule an appointment would you rather play phone tag with a company or easily schedule online? Probably the easy way, and your customers most likely feel the same too. An app will also give you a chance to send notifications to your customers alerting them of new promotions.


  1. Mobile CRM and Sales Support: Does your business happen in places other than the office? If so, then a mobile CRM could be a beneficial feature of your app. Even if all of your business happens in one place, it still may be beneficial to give customers the opportunity to contact you through an app. Being able to quickly and conveniently answer customers through an app will benefit you as well as your customers.


  1. Be a Resource: Is proving information to people part of your business model? Or is your blog a main part of your website? An app could be a supplement of your blog or resource pages. For example, you might update your app regularly with recipes, healthy living tips, medical facts, or news. If you have consistent content for your readers, putting it in app form will make it easy to access and refer to.

There are many other reasons besides the ones listed above to invest in app development. If you need help figuring out what app function would help your small business, we would be happy to assist you. Contact us here if you would like to talk about an app idea.