We Charge Less So You Can Power More

Revolusim is excited to work with your business to design your dream website and to boost your digital marketing. The quality tech services we offer are performed by our young, yet experienced team for a fraction of the cost. We will charge you less, so your business can power more.

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 An Opportunity for Business Owners

Updating technology will increase profit and overall efficiency for your business.

But at what cost?

It is unlikely that a small business, like yourself, has the resources to pay a high-end consulting firm to provide their services.

Let us handle your business technology.

Our team is young and eager to help your business. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.

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An Opportunity for Students

Most students settle on a mundane job that does not exploit any of their technical skills.

To give students an opportunity, Black Line Consulting created a partner company named Revolusim.

The Revolusim team manages different parts of a technology business and helps customers.

No coffee runs, no busy work.

We run the sales, marketing, project management, and technical pieces– with some help from Black Line of course!

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Email your resume to Info@Revolusim.com

Our Services

Website Development

App Development


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Meet Our Team

Jake Jankovsky

Business Developer

Belmont University

Entrepreneurship and Finance

Ellie Bumpus

Marketing Specialist

Boston College

Marketing & Finance

Hutch Goodin

Web Designer 

Waubonsee Community College

CAD & Manufacturing Parts Design

Tristan Tovar

Web Developer & Software Support 

Northern Illinois University

Computer Science

Sneha Sareen

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Columbia College Chicago

Advertising Art Direction & Business Management

Ken Sodetz

Software Engineer

Purdue University

Computer Science

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    Phone Number: (630)-388-1700

    Email: info@revolusim.com